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To install GaussGraph, run the Setup.exe file and follow the installation instructions.

Source Code

To build GaussGraph from source, you require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, or newer, installed on your system if you are using Windows. This can be obtained free of charge from Microsoft. For building on Mac OS X or other UNIX systems, a Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) implementation is required, such as Mono Project or DotGNU.

The files included comprise the Visual Studio project files with all sources to build GaussGraph. Depending on your platform, different installation instructions will apply.

Windows: Visual Studio 2010

The Visual Studio solution included was made using Visual Studio 2010.

The executable will be built in the Debug or Release directory, depending on the configuration chosen within Visual Studio.

Mac OS X and UNIX: Mono, DotGNU

At present, no support is provided for Mono or DotGNU installs although I am investigating the build process on Mono. If you have managed to successfully build Sharpen using Mono or DotGNU, please feel free to report your findings and method in the Discussions section. Thank you!

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