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You will first need to add a web reference within Visual Studio.
  • Right-click the References node in Solution Explorer, followed by Add Service Reference....
  • In the window which appears click Advanced... followed by Add Web Reference....
  • Enter the URL for the service into the URL field ( and enter a name for the reference once found. I have simply named it BWHazelLabs for this demo.
Once added, the web reference can be used like any other reference in .NET.
  • Add the web reference to the code:
using ProjectNamespace.BWHazelLabs
Imports ProjectNamespace.BWHazelLabs
  • Create a new instance of the GaussGraphService class and call the ToCsv() method:
GaussGraphService service = new GaussGraphService();
string csv = service.ToCsv(gvoutputString);
Dim service As New GaussGraphService()
Dim csv As String = service.ToCsv(gvoutputString)

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